Human Moments will be part of this initiative in Middle East and Africa, to work with governments, NGO's and individuals alike to make our continent great!

Seven Irrefutable Truths about Africa (credit- Culture Corporation)

  1. Exploding population growth and increasing poverty are the real issues behind environmental threats.
  2. Africa must create African solutions for African challenges.
  3. Global perceptions of and behavior towards Africa and Africans, as well as how Africa portrays itself need to be readdressed and re-framed.
  4. Aid to Africa, with little accountability for its management and outcomes, is at the core of the ongoing cycle of dependency. Communities and conservation rather need relevant and sustainable models.
  5. Traditional governance of land, resources, communities and commerce are often no longer relevant thus begging for truly relevant, integrated and aligned alternatives.
  6. Globally there is a critical need to integrate environmental issues and aligned challenges into the mainstream of education, media communication and economics.

Environmental education is an essential yet a mostly absent part of all school curricula.

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